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A holistic fusion of healing energies to expand your power and deepen your practice.

Whether you are a seasoned Reiki expert or early beginner, learn more tools for expanding your own intuition and energy.


you’ll dive deep into:

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Perform Reiki on yourself and others with Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, while exploring and integrating other established modalities. For the experienced, learn to boost and expand your current Reiki channel and techniques. For the beginner, receive your level 1 placement and training.

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Learn to deepen your spiritual intuition by better tapping into the energies at play in the universe. Read and understand astro charts, and how the planets and universal energies align with the body, chakras and karmic patterns.

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Chinese Meridian System

Use and harness the body’s natural healing systems for deepened lasting impact. Learn the 12 main Chinese meridians, as well as the extraordinary meridians and how to incorporate them into your Reiki practice.


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Get away. Spend a week in gorgeous Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Treat yourself to a getaway. Surround yourself with ocean, pristine beaches and jungles. Stay in the tropical paradise of Nautilus Boutique Hotel, nourish yourself with stunning vegetarian meals, served by New York Times-recognized Olam restaurant.

Use daily free time to explore, surf, adventure…or nap. Your choice!


The Daily Schedule 

Spend your days with daily yoga, energizing lessons, amazing food, and sun-drenched play time.

  • Morning: Yoga, meditation, breakfast

  • Late morning: Classes, discussions and practice

  • Midday & afternoon: Lunch & break at the beach, pool, or nap time

  • Late afternoon: Practice & more class time

  • Evening: Dinner & free time

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 The curriculum

Ancient techniques. A modern approach.


+ Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki

Learn to embrance and enhance your intuitive skills, and deepen the connection to your inner power.

Two Streams: Our retreat offers the opportunity to break into groups based on levels/experience, so beginners and Reiki experts alike can benefit from inspiring material and new expansion.

Format: Participate in lectures, meditations, class discussion, demonstrations, and get plenty of hands-on time with Reiki.

Level 1 Stream:

  • The origin and history of Usui Reiki and Holy Fire
  • The Reiki Principles and how we apply them
  • Suggested hand placement system and detecting where Reiki is needed
  • Intuitive scanning and the three pillars of Reiki
  • The chakra system and integrating this wisdom in a Reiki session
  • Daily hands-on practice and guidance on giving treatments to self and others
  • A detailed review of the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Comprehensive Reiki manual
  • Level 1 completion certificate

Experienced Stream:

  • Advanced techniques using the Usui Reiki symbols for specific physical and mental health issues
  • Review and discussion of ways to use the Usui Reiki symbols and affirmations for addiction issues and habits
  • Ways to align, activate, and/or settle the major chakras
  • Utilizing the Usui Reiki symbols for spirit rescue and release
  • Learn a symbol (non-Reiki) for grounding and how to work with it

+ Astrology & the Zodiac

Our astrological birth chart can be viewed as a kind of user manual (vroom, vroom!). There is a wealth of information from the universe in our chart, including our strengths, challenges, emotional patterns, karmic work, and potential paths. Understanding the fundamentals of the chart can assist you in aligning to your own path and power, while also giving you more tools and frequencies to tap into when channelling Reiki to yourself or others. During the retreat, we will cover the attributes, themes, and energies of the astrological signs and planets, connect to our personal planets through guided meditation (what have they been trying to tell you?!), and discuss how to apply the energies of the astrological symbols into your treatments.

  • The concept of the natal chart imprinting on our subtle anatomy at birth
  • The celestial map of the signs, houses, and planets
  • The skillful and unskillful applications of the qualities of the signs
  • Utilizing the energies of the zodiac in a Reiki treatment
  • Yin and Yang signs
  • Elements of signs
  • Modalities (movement orientation) of the signs
  • Planets and their association with the energy centres (chakras)
  • Understanding the importance of your Moon in your natal chart for better emotional wellness
  • Where to look for karmic narratives in the natal chart and how to use this knowledge in a Reiki treatment
  • Journey into personal planets through meditations to connect deeper to your soul path

+ Chinese Meridian System

This portion of the program includes learning the ancient traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system. You will study focused content on common health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and hormones, to integrate into your own wellness or client practice. On top of this, you will learn how to use this knowledge with your Reiki training.

  • Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Five Elements
  • 12 Chinese Meridians
  • 2 Extraordinary Meridians

The Venue

5-star ratings. Certificates of Excellence. Explore the perfect place for an energizing getaway.

Stay: Nautilus Boutique Hotel, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Eat: New York Times-acclaimed, Olam Pure Food

Play: Pools, beaches, surf, sand, jungles and more!

Occupancy: 2 person/cabin. Solo travellers will be assigned rooms with other energetic guests! Travelling with friends? We can group you together.

Closest airport: Tambor Airport is a local airport accessible by 25-min flight from SJO. Or fly to SJO and shuttle to Santa Teresa (5 hours). Group SJO shuttles will be available for $65/person.

Amenities: Pool & lounge area, orthopaedic mattresses, wifi & fully-equipped kitchens

Limited time offer.


The Teachers

Brought to you by over 35 years practicing Reiki and natural wellness 

This retreat is brought to you by the Elements Wellness Collective - an energetic collaboration between the founders & practitioners of the award-winning Elements Wellness Centre, and Lotus Realm Wellness in Vancouver, BC.


Kelli Taylor

Kelli Taylor is 9-time winner of Vancouver’s Best Acupuncturist, and founder of award-winning Elements Wellness Centre. Kelli graduated from the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program in Vancouver, BC, and is a certified yoga teacher, specializing in Yin Yoga. She integrates her expertise in Chinese medicine, yin, Reiki, holistic nutrition, craniosacral therapy, and NAET to create her own unique, holistic approach to natural wellness.


Stacey Simpson

Stacey Simpson is a soul path astrologer, certified Deep Memory Process therapist (past and current life regression), an Usui/Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki teacher and practitioner. She has 20 years experience studying and practicing Reiki and other mind-body-soul healing modalities, under the world’s leading experts: Dr. Roger Woolger, William Lee Rand, Patricia Walsh, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Anodea Judith. She is the owner of Lotus Realm Wellness Center in Vancouver, BC.


Ozzie Kipnes

Ozzie Kipnes is a Usui /Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Teacher and practitioner, at Elements Wellness Center in Vancouver, BC. She is also certified as a Reiki Animal Practitioner offerings her services to cats, dogs and horses. Ozzie was born in Israel, but is a long-time Vancouverite, where she lives with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Daisy Mae.


The details  

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Total Cost: $2800 USD

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What you get:

  • Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Level 1 Certification

  • Fundamentals of Chinese Meridian System & Astrology and Zodiac

  • Comprehensive training manual

  • 7-nights accommodations in 2-person shared villa with full kitchen

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner daily

  • Daily meditation & yoga

  • Guided support in completing your travel arrangements

  • Guided support in booking additional excursions

    Flights & shuttle transportation not included.


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